Cat Breed Spotlight: Pixie-Bob Cats

Cat Breed Highlight: Pixie-Bob Cats

The Pixie-Bob is a comparatively new cat breed that’s regarded as a cross between a home cat and a bobcat. They’re identified for his or her distinctive look, which features a quick bobbed tail, tufted ears, and a muscular construct. Pixie-Bobs are additionally identified for being clever, affectionate, and playful cats.

Origins of the Pixie-Bob

The precise origins of the Pixie-Bob are unknown, however it’s believed that they first appeared within the Pacific Northwest within the mid-1980s. The breed is called after the Pixie-Bob Creek in Washington State, the place the primary Pixie-Bob cats had been reportedly discovered.

Bodily Look

Pixie-Bobs are medium to massive cats, with males sometimes weighing 12-15 kilos and females weighing Eight-12 kilos. They’ve a muscular construct and a protracted, wedge-shaped head. Their eyes are often inexperienced or gold, and their ears are massive and tufted. Pixie-Bobs have a brief, bobbed tail that’s often about 1-2 inches lengthy.


Pixie-Bobs can have both quick or lengthy hair. Their coat is often thick and woolly, and it may be any shade or sample. The most typical coat colours are tawny, crimson, and grey.


Pixie-Bobs are identified for being clever, affectionate, and playful cats. They’re additionally identified for being good with youngsters and different pets. Pixie-Bobs are comparatively lively cats and require loads of train. Additionally they get pleasure from spending time with their house owners and being concerned in actions.

Well being

Pixie-Bobs are usually wholesome cats, however they are often susceptible to some well being issues, corresponding to hip dysplasia and polycystic kidney illness. You will need to take your Pixie-Bob to the vet for normal checkups to observe their well being.


Pixie-Bobs with quick hair require minimal grooming. A weekly brushing will assist to take away unfastened hair and maintain their coat mat-free. Pixie-Bobs with lengthy hair will have to be brushed extra typically, particularly through the shedding season.


The price of a Pixie-Bob cat will fluctuate relying on the breeder, the kitten’s pedigree, and the kitten’s age. Anticipate to pay wherever from $1,000 to $1,500 for a Pixie-Bob kitten.

If you’re on the lookout for a singular and clever cat that can be affectionate and playful, then the Pixie-Bob will be the good breed for you.

Listed below are some further issues to bear in mind if you’re contemplating getting a Pixie-Bob cat:

  • Pixie-Bobs will not be as widespread as another maine coon kitten for sale breeds, so you will have to do a little analysis to discover a respected breeder.
  • Pixie-Bobs could be costly to buy and look after.
  • Pixie-Bobs require loads of train and playtime.
  • Pixie-Bobs could also be susceptible to some well being issues, so you will need to take them to the vet for normal checkups.

With correct care, a Pixie-Bob could make an exquisite and loving pet.

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